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FEIG has the right solution for every library media-handling application

FEIG has more than 20 years of experience in the library market and our customers have so far installed more than 200,000 readers and 200,000 antennas in applications around the globe. Our products enable solutions in all relevant application areas in libraries.

High-frequency (HF) technology (13.56 MHz), based on ISO standard 15693, dominates library applications worldwide. You can also implement equivalent ultra-high-frequency (UHF) products (867-928 MHz). We offer readers and antennas in both technologies for the following applications:

Crystal Gates in video

Take 2 minutes to learn everything important about our Crystal Gate antennas.

We'll show you how easily and quickly the gates can be installed in any library. Safe, reliable, maintenance-free. With alarm function and people counter.

Your possible applications at a glance

Security Gates

With their transparent design, our flexible media security gate solutions integrate discreetly into any environment. They offer a capture rate of nearly 100 percent and many gate configurations for every library need.

Flexibility with 1-6 aisles, aisle widths of 90 cm - 160 cm, automatic tuning of the antennas and detection rates tested in accordance with ISO 18046-4 define the unique performance of our gates.  FEIG gate solutions offer extended functions such as direction-dependent and selective alarms, false alarm suppression and maintenance-free radar people-counters.


Self-check Kiosk

FEIG RFID for self-service terminals enables the user to check out several pieces of media stacked one on top of the other at the same time.

FEIG offers various solutions that use a reader and an external antenna. We also offer a combined antenna and reader solution in one device. These pad readers with integrated shielding have a clearly- defined reading area that prevents an antenna installed on a metallic or conductive surface from being influenced.

Additional RFID readers, which can also be installed flush in metal enclosures, are often used for user authentication


Book Return & Sorting Systems

Similar components used in self-checkout terminals are used in automated media return machines. The user can optionally authenticate with an RFID reader before throwing the item into the return machine. The user then either holds the item against an antenna installed on the outside of the device, or an antenna installed inside the box detects the item when the user throws it into the box. The two alternatives "reader with integrated antenna" and "reader with external antenna" are again available for selection.

Depending on the size of the library, sorting systems can be of different sizes and require different reading ranges. FEIG offers a large number of mid-range and long-range readers and antennas. All are based on the same communication protocol and require no additional integration effort.


Service Desk & Media Conversion

In addition to self-checkout and automated media return, many libraries offer a staffed service point for borrowing and returning media. The devices libraries use for this application include flat table antennas paired with a mid-range reader, or desktop devices shielded on five sides.

This complete solution of reader and antenna with a DIN A4-sized, clearly-defined reading field, prevents the device from mistakenly detecting media stored close by. This capability nearly eliminates manual booking errors. Additional desktop readers and other readers with external antennas can safely be installed on the counter if needed.

For media conversion, FEIG offers ECCO Smart, a hybrid RFID / barcode scanner. ECCO Smart reads media data from a barcode, converts it into an RFID-transponder-compatible format and writes it directly to the transponder. It all happens in a matter of seconds.


Inventory & Shelf Management

For manual, electronic inventory and other product-specific functions, FEIG offers a handheld reader with the best performance of all RFID handhelds available on the market. It has up to 16 hours of operating time, a powerful "boost mode" and the ability to launch an automatic media search (based on UID or media number) or to check/change the AFI byte.
The reader simplifies finding lost or incorrectly-sorted media and offers quick and easy inventory.


Smart Shelves

A piece of regular library furniture can be turned into a smart shelf using a long-range reader, multiplexers and antennas. Antennas installed in the shelves ensure continual real-time inventory, recognize incorrectly sorted media and enable customers to conveniently return items.

Smart shelves make it easier for library users and employees to find pre-ordered media. They also note the AFI bytes of all media for which manual or automatic return did not work. FEIG components turn furniture into intelligent all-in-one devices.


FEIG leads the market for library RFID

•       RFID solutions for all library applications
•       More than 200,000 HF readers installed
•       More than 200,000 RF antennas installed
•       Installations in more than 50 countries
•       Certified in all relevant standards
•       Offering HF and UHF technology


Unique products for library applications

Crystal Gate Wave

Crystal Gate Wave antennas have a transparent design and are easy to install. They offer an outstanding detection rate for aisle widths of up to 130 cm. The antennas have a read rate of nearly 100 % regardless of transponder orientation, and are certified according to ISO standard 18046-4.

The automatic alarm function can be configured so it only sounds when a user leaves the library. It lights up the entire transparent antenna surface and suppresses false alarms when a user inside the library casually passes the antennas.

FEIG offers a complete system for gate applications, consisting of one base antenna and a corresponding number of complementary antennas.

With the Crystal Gate Wave antennas, up to 6 aisles can be established with a basic antenna.

Crystal Gate Excellence

Crystal Gate Excellence HF antennas offer the best detection rate currently available for establishing aisle widths of up to 160 cm. They offer a transparent design and are easy to install. They also offer a read rate of nearly 100 % regardless of transponder orientation, and are certified according to ISO standard 18046-4.

The automatic alarm function, which can be configured in such a way that it only sounds when someone leaves the library, triggers by lighting up the entire transparent antenna surface. It suppresses false alarms when someone inside the library casually passes the antennas.

FEIG offers a complete system for gate applications, consisting of one base antenna and a corresponding number of complementary antennas.

With the Crystal Gate Excellence antennas, up to 3 aisles can be established with a basic antenna.

Mobile high-performance reader

ID PRH200 is specifically for library applications such as inventory and media search. It offers the best performance of all available RFID handhelds.

It has a high reading speed, so you only have to walk along a shelf to record the media. A high-performance battery gives you operating times of up to 16 hours, and the large data buffer makes sure you can continue to work, even if you lose your WLAN connection. Touching the "boost mode" button, transmission power increases to 4 W to cover a greater read range or accurately read problematic media.

The reader allows automatic media searches based on a list of UIDs or media numbers and enables the AFI byte to be checked or changed automatically.

Shielded pad antenna

The shielded pad antenna with its integrated ID SPAD102 reader is typically used for self-checkout terminals or at staffed service counters. It has excellent anti-collision properties, so several stacked items can accurately be recorded and processed at the same time.

The pad antenna does not read transponders outside the antenna surface. It only reads the media directly on its surface and ignores anything stored next to it. Errors are just as low when borrowing or returning media as they are when converting it.

The pad antenna comes in the HF version:  ID SPAD102, or the UHF version:  ID SPAD.U

Hybrid RFID/barcode scanner

This mobile barcode and RFID capture device improves and accelerates media handling in libraries.

During the media conversion process, the device reads media data from the barcode, converts it into an RFID-transponder-compatible format and writes it directly onto the transponder.

Other areas of application for the ECCO Smart are order picking and compilation. The data readout transmits directly to a host such as a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or Bluetooth-enabled PC via the Bluetooth LE interface.

Additional products

A great variety of FEIG products are currently in use in libraries around the world. Long-range readers for sorting systems and smart shelves, mid-range readers with integrated or external antennas, reader modules and housed readers for integration in terminals and kiosk systems. Tell us your needs and we will help you understand the best FEIG product for your application.

FEIG is happy to adjust and customize for your specific requirements.

HF or UHF?

Currently, about 95 percent of all library applications use HF technology.

There are several  reasons for this:

A globally standardized operating frequency of 13.56 MHz

Reliable media detection in a precisely-defined detection area

Several standardized data models specifically for libraries

Resistance to damage from people or liquids


UHF technology, with its much larger reading ranges and even easier installation, also has a role to play in effective library media handling.Because each frequency has different applications within a library setting, FEIG offers a full product portfolio for both HF and UHF frequency ranges. All using a common API so mixing and matching products and even technologies is very simple.

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